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Submitted by Mike Rothman on Mon, 2006-03-13 02:51.

  • Are you looking for some "real-world" advice on the best way to buy the right security product at the right time for the right price?
  • Could you benefit from getting information from an "insider" who has worked with hundreds of customers and also spent 8 years as a vendor enabling his sales force to "close more deals"?
  • Have you ever felt like a passenger during a sales process, instead of driving the procurement to ensure the correct product was chosen?
  • Would your life be easier if you could find a "hands-on" step-by-step approach to managing the buying process?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should strongly consider our Buying Security Products eBook and Daily Incite Newsletter Combo Package.

Buying Security Products gives you the basic information you need to...


  • Structure the buying process ahead of time, so all influencers and executives are on the same page at the beginning of the process
  • The Top 6 things you need to LEARN before you are ready to engage with any vendors or resellers
  • Ensure meetings with vendors are productive, focused and move the process forward
  • Manage the technical evaluation to ensure the chosen products will solve your business problem
  • Negotiation strategies to ensure you get the best price and get some bonuses thrown in for FREE.
  • Plus much more...

Ok, so you want to know how much this costs, don't you?

Guess What? It's FREE
We won't even ask for your credit card number.

You can't get this information anywhere else, but I'll give it to you for FREE because it wouldn't be right for me to sit on all of the knowledge I've accumulated for the past 15 years in the information security market. I'm also convinced that once you see how useful our information really is, you'll want to subscribe to our research service. It's as simple as that.

But that's not all!

As part of this package, you also get The Daily Incite, a hard-hitting analysis of the information security business that shows up in your inbox by 10 AM EST each business day. The Daily Incite will give you the information that you need to stay on top of the dynamic security industry. Here is just a sampling of what you'll see every morning:

  • Key news releases from the vendors that matter
  • Interesting articles in yesterday's trade press
  • Links to blog postings of note from the previous day
  • A summary of the previous days postings on Security Incite Rants, our bold and irreverant analysis of the space

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