Friday Quickies - April 27, 2007

Submitted by Mike Rothman on Fri, 2007-04-27 09:14.

My Firefox scrapbook is kind of overflowing, so I thought I'd clear it out a bit before the weekend, and also give you all some food for thought. Thankfully exploit code is not circulating (yet) on the Quicktime attack, so that's good news. Yes, Thomas, I turned off Java in my browser (Matasano post). Better safe than pwned. Here's what I see this AM:

  • Websense/SurfControl - The $400 million deal is a decisive move for Websense, and make sense on a lot of levels. But it's all about execution. More details are in this Security Incite post.

  • More earnings - Secure Computing (SCUR press release) and McAfee (MFE press release). Overall pretty good quarter for both companies. I read the McAfee call transcript (SeekingAlpha post) and I was very impressed with Dave DeWalt. In control, excited and he understands go2market strategies. All were sorely needed by MFE. It's all about execution, but this could be a real turning point for the "Avis" of the security world (they try harder).

  • RSA gets out of the SSO business - In an announcement that got very little media attention, RSA has basically moved their single sign-on product to Passlogix (Passlogix press release). It was based on Passlogix technology, so it's not surprising they'd be the partner - but RSA's decision to focus on the authentication and data protection sides of the business show a maturity and focus that hasn't really been there before.

  • SIMs not dead, eh? - Then why is almost every SIM vendor announcing a dedicated log management appliance? NetForensics is the latest (NetForensics press release) and they also extended their monitoring capability to databases (another NetForensics release). How many more data points do we need about the evolving SIM space before we can finally start shoveling dirt on it?

That's all for today's quickies, more on Monday. Have a great (and safe) weekend.