End User Services

Security professionals have it rough today. You are expected to protect all the flanks, yet are constrained in terms of resources and investment. You have to be right every time, the bad guys only have to be right once.

And on a good day, nothing happens. We don't talk about bad days, now do we?

Security Incite is Mike Rothman's blog and focused on helping end users make better decisions about how to protect information. You can't count on much, besides the fact that Mike will tell it llke it is. Period. No bull. Real Incite.

Here are some of the resources for end users to check out:

  • Pragmatic CSO - Mike's flagship methodology can be accessed via the Pragmatic CSO site, where you can buy the book. Mike also publishes plenty of Pragmatic CSO goodies right here at Security Incite. You can get these goodies via the Pragmatic CSO newsletter (sign up here) or read it via the Security Incite blog (newsletters, podcasts).
  • Security Incite Rants - Mike's blog is focused entirely on helping practitioners separate the wheat from the chaff in the security industry, and there is a lot of chaff. You can get the blog via email (us the sign-up box on the right hand side of the page) or via RSS (click here).
  • Buying Security Products Guide - Mike's first publication was a short guide to buying the right security product, for the right price, at the right time. If you sign-up for our email newsletter, then you'll get it when you confirm your subscription. If you prefer RSS to access the blog, then send a note to info (at) securityincite (dot) com, and it'll be delivered right to your inbox.
  • Speaking Engagements - Mike is available to address your security team or local security networking group to discuss the philosophy behind the Pragmatic CSO and how you can become much more relevant to your business. Send a note to info (at) securityincite (dot) com to discuss the specifics.