2006 Security Incites

Annually, Security Incite publishes a list of the key "trends" and expectations in the security business for the next year. Called "Security Incites" and written from the perspective of the end user (or security consumer), Incites provide direction on what to expect, assisting the decision making process as budgets and technology adoption plans are finalized for the upcoming year. Each Incite provides a clear position and distills the impact on buying dynamics and architectural constructs. Incites also set the stage for Security Incite’s upcoming research agenda.

Overall the news for 2006 will remain bad. It's still a good time to be a security professional.

In 2006, we expect more of the same, in terms of lots of fairly minor security annoyances that get a lot of media interest (WMF is the latest), a few more "can they really be that stupid?" (hello sony), and an almost deafening continuation of the noise surrounding what is the right thing to do from a security perspective. We will finally see the long awaited revolt against more narrowly defined slivers of technology that just don't provide enough functionality to outweigh the additional management complexity inherent to adding more equipment to the infrastructure. We will see many organizations determine that what they are doing for compliance is "good enough," and the auditors are going to have to figure out if it is. We also expect Identity Management (IDM) to break out this year, but many users run the risk of spending money foolishly without a larger perspective on what value IDM is adding.

Links to each 2006 Incite are below. Our system allows you to comment on each if you have something to say. The Incites are meant to start a conversation, so don't be bashful.

You can also download the 2006 Incites and Predications via the attached PDF. 

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