About Security Incite

What is Security Incite?

Security Incite is an industry analyst firm specializing in the information security market. Our mission is straightforward: Help subscribers protect their information assets more effectively by making better decisions. We provide timely analysis on information security topics and publish detailed, actionable reports to ensure that high profile projects are executed successfully.

Security Incite was founded to address a real need to provide objective, relevant and inciteful security research by focusing on what’s right, as opposed to what pays well. Focusing on bold, thought-provoking and irreverent analysis, Security Incite helps organizations make better decisions. Our tagline is “No Bias. No Bull. Real Incite,” which does a good job of explaining our philosophy and our focus.

We don’t wait for vendors to tell us about the new, new thing, we actually talk to people to find out what’s really novel. The Incite Network, our proprietary group of sources within the end user and VAR community is our secret weapon. Leveraging the power of social media, the network allows us to start interesting conversations about important topics, and use the findings to provide timely, accurate, and above all else, actionable research for our subscribers. We pull no punches and call it like we see it, even if it is unpopular.

Subscribers gain access to Security Incite's monthly detailed analyses of a specific sector of the security market. These detailed reports deeply examine each topic, providing an assessment of the market sector, why it’s important, how it fits into the larger security architecture, strategic directions, and selection criteria for those considering investing in the sector. We will also provide profiles of the key vendors and their strategies in each report.

To stay up to date with what's happening in the security marketplace, timely analysis is delivered through the “Security Incite Rants” blog. With multiple posts per week, SI Rants will tell you what you need to know and help you not waste time with stuff that what isn't important.

What Security Incite is Not

Security Incite is not a vendor mouthpiece. Our deeply held code of ethics ensures that our research has one focus, to help end user customers make decisions about information security topics. Our views on the industry will certainly be useful to the vendor community, but that is not our focus. There are plenty of organizations that will put their name on “fluff” pieces to gain the perception of “independent” 3rd party validation. That’s not us.

We are also not a global multi-national research monolith with hundreds of analysts. Our specialized user-driven research model, willingness to actually do research and take controversial positions (where necessary), and our modest price points will set us apart from the crowd.