How SI helps vendors

SI's constant interactions with end users, VARs and other vendors gives us a very broad perspective on the information security market. Though our focus is on helping end users make better decisions regarding information security topics, our views on the industry help vendors most effectively pick the best strategic options. The following topics should give you a better idea how to work with us:


We prefer that vendors keep us updated regularly. Whether it's to discuss a new product, a strategic initiative, or even a big customer win, there is only one way to stay top of mind, and that is through reasonably frequent interactions. You are best off scheduling the briefings at least two weeks in advance (the calendar fills quickly), though vendor subscribers get preferred briefing slots. To schedule a briefing, send an e-mail to briefings (at)

Quotes/Press References

We provide press release quotes for vendors and will discuss a security market segment with the press. As a matter of policy, we do not mention specific vendors or products in the quotes, rather keeping our comments focused on the underlying industry dynamics and user requirements. To start the quote process, send a note to quotes (at)


We are ready, willing & able to address crowds both large and small in our unique, thought-provoking way. This includes events, user groups, sales meetings, conferences and webcasts. We certainly hope to educate and entertain, but ultimately our objective is to start an interactive dialog about important information security topics. We are prepared to present on all things information security-related. So send your requests to info (at) and we'll find a topic that works for you.


To be clear, as much as we like to help out vendors, maintaining our unbiased, objective reputation means everything to us. We will not compromise on that. EVER. So take a look at our Integrity page to make sure you understand what we will do and what we won't.

Vendor Citations

We are extremely sensitive to protecting our intellectual property, so please read our vendor citation policy to learn when subscribers may or may not use our research externally and find details on the approval process.

Common Questions:

  • How do we put you on our press release list? - Please send your press releases to  releases (at), preferably a day or two before the announcement. Just let us know the information is embargoed and we'll respect that.
  • Will you cover our announcements and write about it in SI Rants? - It depends. If your announcement is of interest, it will be covered.
  • Will you sign an NDA, we want to discuss some sensitive stuff? - The short answer is yes. We have a confidentiality clause in our subscriber agreement that covers you, but if you are more comfortable with us signing your paper (and you don't have ridiculous restrictions), that's fine.
  • We disagree with your positions, how do we make our case? - We are certainly open to having factual errors pointed out. It does happen. We are also happy to discuss our positions and the research that underlies them, but we understand that at times our research is going to ruffle some feathers. We are OK with that.